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Service Charge Agent

Paramount are Block and Estate Management specialists, some people refer to us as Service Charge Agents. The role of a Service Charge Agent starts with the budgeting, organisation and collection of Service Charge funds.  Efficient collection in advance of any expenditure is important to ensure that the Residential Management Company has liquidity to meet it’s financial obligations.

A service charge is the cost associated with living at a residential development.  This may cover the cost of looking after the shared and communal areas.  Although each development is different, typical examples would be gardens, ground maintenance, lifts, intercoms & entry systems, lighting & pathways.  Along with the regulatory requirements such as buildings, public liability insurances, health & safety etc.

The role we play as Service Charge Agents is to organise the advanced collection of the money from the property owners/leaseholders and then to manage that collective pot intelligently.

What do we do that is different and better?

We manage your money as if it were our own and take a highly initiative-taking approach.  We try to anticipate issues before they occur, ensuring that expensive repairs do not materialise. This gives our Landlords and Property Owners peace of mind that their communal areas are being well cared for and managed effectively.

We pride ourselves with our highly responsive and rapid communication, which we carefully measure, as well as carrying out regular site visits.

We set credible budgets, and always look for best value for money in our expenditure. We have a reliable bank of quality contractors and dependable workers who provide good value-for-money.

Service charge funds are held in separate interest-bearing accounts and are verified annually by an external accountant providing security and transparency.

Paramount’s aim is to offer a hassle-free service, releasing you from the frustrations that can come with many national service charge agents and to provide you with confidence, communication and reassurance instead.

We are a Chester based company and operate across Cheshire, North Wales, Shropshire, and Wirral.