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Property Developers

At Paramount we pride ourselves on working closely with developers at every stage, and across every type of residential block, including those that incorporate freehold units and mixed-use developments. Our involvement can begin from the outset – well in advance of the planned handover. By bringing us in at the early planning stages of your build, we can offer expert pre-instruction advice on design and construction issues that may affect the future management of the property. We will create a comprehensive budget estimate and management proposal, liaise directly with solicitors as necessary and supply information packs to potential buyers.

We will also work closely with your sales teams to ensure buyers are aware of the services being provided – and that they fully understand the annual service charge. Your reputation as a house builder can be forever linked in the minds of your buyers with their post-purchase experience so it’s important that you find a managing agent who shares your long term vision for the property – and who has the expertise to deliver it. Every development is unique, so for a completely tailored management proposal, please give our team a call.

New Builds

Our innovative approach to managing new builds starts long before the first bricks are laid, by assisting clients from the earliest stages of planning. Our objective is to provide the best long-term management plan possible. From assisting in the preparation of leases, to developing detailed plans for ongoing maintenance and major works, we are involved throughout the process, allowing the developer to focus on bringing the property to market as quickly as possible.


Recognising the importance of creating sustainable communities, we are committed to delivering an estate management strategy which actively reduces the environmental impact of the developments we manage.
By working with developers from the outset, we can help to make sites more sustainable for the future.

We work with trusted partners specialising in making homes ‘smarter’ in how they consume – or generate – energy, which in turn can help reduce energy consumption and associated costs.


At Paramount, our accountancy practices are transparent and our books and doors are always open.

We scrutinise all expenditure to ensure our customers’ investments are safeguarded, and deliver on our promise of best value through scrupulous money management in relation to:

  • Service charge payments and arrears
  • Sinking fund provisions
  • Fully transparent accounts
  • Utilities billing

High Standards

Every site we manage has a planned maintenance schedule and an annual lifecycle of critical steps. Setting this out from the beginning ensures every detail is covered and illustrates the service levels our clients can expect. With each site inspection a detailed quality site audit is produced on which the estate manager is required to comment. By making this a manual process, we deliver on our promise to treat every development as though we live there ourselves.

Exceptional Back Office Support

Our back office operations are carried out by a strong team with expertise in areas such as risk assessment, budgets, sinking fund analysis and planned maintenance. Our aim is to deliver excellent client care, whether assisting developers at the very early planning stages of a scheme, or at the set-up stage of the finished development and its subsequent on-going management.