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Block Management Northwich

Paramount Estate Management provide Residential Block Management services throughout the county of Cheshire, including towns such as Northwich, Winsford, Nantwich, Crewe and Whitchurch.

Honest approach to Block Management

We have a highly successful and refreshingly honest approach to property management, which was born out of our own frustrations and experiences with national block management companies not providing a good standard of service or value for money.

Highly proactive service

Having experienced the lack of care and poor-quality service of some of these block management companies, our service emphasizes a highly proactive approach to both looking after buildings, with a regularly schedule of works thus avoid any costly surprises. This, together with efficient communication and engagement with property owners, including answer phone calls and emails within a swift time frame, sets us apart.  You will love us.

Regular site visits

Blocks of apartments that we manage are regularly visited and audited, anticipating any issues before they become a problem and potential costly to repair. We also look after your money carefully and spend it wisely on repairs using cost-effective contractors and insurance brokers.

Our engagement with residential block and estate management in Northwich is a consequence of the significant regeneration and investment going on in this area.

Northwich, like many other towns in Cheshire has grown significantly over recent years, with new Estates and Apartment Blocks.  Working as a local Agent in Northwich and only within 30 minutes of Chester, we are here to support any Block Management Companies who are frustrated with the status quo and are looking for positive change.