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Block Management Crewe and Nantwich

Chester-based Paramount Estate Management operate throughout the county of Cheshire providing exceptional residential Block and Property Management services.  We are happy to manage properties in the east of the county including the towns of Crewe and Nantwich.

Honest approach to Block Management

We started the business several years ago primarily because of our own frustrations with large block management companies NOT providing us with the good standard of service that we were hoping for.  Typically, these national companies responded slowly to management issues, they were not pro-active in their maintenance, and they provided poor management of the finances associated with operational matters.  Having been on the receiving end of this service, we ensure that we take an opposing approach: Looking after our property owners and Landlords is our number one priority, along with a common-sense approach to provide effective block and property management services.

A highly proactive approach

We adopt a highly proactive approach to looking after and maintaining the apartments and houses that are under our care, with regular inspections that may result in a schedule of works that is designed to stop any small issue becoming a big problem in the future.  This alone sets us apart from many other block management companies alongside the fact that we respond quickly to phone calls and emails from our customers, regularly reviewing our response times to ensure we are achieving our targets. We also provide honest, responsive and transparent reporting.

Why Choose Us?

The real benefit of working with us at Paramount is that we provide you with the all-important peace of mind that your property is being well looked after by a team who care.

We also look after your money carefully, spending it wisely, using only cost-effective contractors, and eliminating unnecessary expenditure.

Crewe and Nantwich reside closely to each other in east Cheshire with a driving distance of around five miles. Both towns are subject to new residential blocks and estate developments from construction companies.

The housing stock has been growing in both towns over recent years, in line with other towns and cities in Cheshire. We would be delighted to manage properties in the Crewe and Nantwich area and to support any Block Management Companies who are frustrated with the current level of service and are looking for positive change.