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Residential Block Management Service

When we started Paramount Estate Management as a direct response to the ineffective residential block management service, we had been receiving over a number of years by companies purporting to be professionals. Having learnt from their mistakes and our own experiences we offer an exceptional block and estate management service that will significantly change your perceptions of companies in the industry.

What do we do that is different and better?

The answer to that is really very simple: We manage your property as if it were our own and take a highly proactive approach using qualified, motivated staff and transparent, responsive reporting. Our proactive and rigorous approach leaves our Landlords and Property Owners feeling relaxed because they know that their property is being managed effectively, and is being well looked after.

The following characteristics are core to our operations at Paramount:

Rapid Response Times

Delays can cost time and money and lead to huge frustration from a property owner’s perspective, so we carefully measure our response times, whether it’s to answer an email or phone call from a property owner or leaseholder, or the time it takes to respond to a maintenance problem. We work to high standards in our block management service and want to nip problems in the bud before they get bigger and more expensive.

Continual Site Audits

Every development in our portfolio will receive a regular site audit from a member of our team. The purpose of the visit and inspection is to anticipate any problems or issues before they become problematic and expensive. This can potentially save thousands of pounds.

Outstanding Communication

Good communication, both internal and external, is a crucial aspect to any organisation, but particularly a block management company. We make ourselves easily available on the office phone, our mobile phones, or via email, and we respond quickly where possible, even if it means leaving a holding message. If appropriate, we will attend resident and company meetings and AGMs, and we are very happy to meet with residents to listen to any issues they might have. Our staff have to adhere to strict timetables when communicating information which might relate to financial updates and major works programmes.

We are look after your money

We spend your money carefully, as if it were ours. So, we set credible budgets, and always look for best value for money in our expenditure. We have a reliable roster of quality contractors and workmen who provide a good, value-for-money service.

In addition, service charge funds are held in separate interest-bearing accounts and are verified annually by an external accountant.

Our qualified and experienced accountants are an integral part of the property management team, and work closely with your estate manager to ensure finances are properly recorded, managed and reported.

Valuable Back Office Support

Our block management work requires an in-depth understanding of complex tenant and landlord law, health and safety regulations, building construction and maintenance, finance and more. Paramount’s team of people have both knowledge and experience, as well as robust office systems, to be able to guide, advise and reassure our customers in these complicated areas.

Our aim at Paramount is to save you much of the hassle and frustration that can come with many block estate management companies, and provide you with confidence and reassurance instead.

We are a Chester based company, but we operate throughout Cheshire, North Wales, Shropshire and the Wirral.