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Block Management Shrewsbury

Paramount Estate Management provide Residential Block Management services primarily in Cheshire and North Wales. However, we are easily able to travel to Shrewsbury in Shropshire to manage properties there.

Whatever the location, the core principles behind our management of residential properties remain the same. Those principles stem from our own past bad experiences we had as property owners with block management companies at the time. Those principles are highlighted below.

Honest approach to Block Management

We are a growing company and some of that growth is down to our refreshingly honest approach to property management. This approach is as a result of our own frustrating experiences with national block management companies who did not provide the standard of service or value for money that we were expecting (and that any property owner should expect) from their black management provider. Honesty and trust are the fundamental building blocks in any business relationship.

Our company growth means that we are now looking to manage blocks in the Shrewsbury area where we can apply the same approach.

Highly proactive service

Far too frequently, small issues and niggling problems with a building are left to fester and get overlooked. These niggles, with time, become bigger and far more costly problems simply because they have been allowed to develop and grow. We take a very proactive approach to our care of our client’s buildings, with a regular schedule of works which avoids any such expensive surprises. If you factor in our frequent and effective communication and engagement with property owners as well, then this adds up to a high level of customer service satisfaction.

Regular site visits

We ensure that we regularly visit and audit the blocks of apartments that we manage, all the time trying to spot any issues that might become a costly problem and nipping them in the bud. We also spend your money wisely, using a team of inexpensive contractors to handle the typical day-to-day repairs that we come up against.

Our engagement with residential block management in Shrewsbury a result of our own desire to grow as a company and because of the development of property that under way the Shrewsbury area.

Shrewsbury’s property portfolio has changed over recent years, with the appearance new estates and apartment blocks now part of that portfolio. We are now working as a local agent in Shrewsbury, being only 30 minutes away, and we would be delighted to support any block management companies who are frustrated with their current providers and need a positive change.