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Residential Property Management Service

At Paramount, we provide an outstanding property management service that focusses primarily on residential block management where a service charge is applicable for the maintenance of communal or shared areas. This often occurs with new-build or converted flats for example, or housing estates.

Having been on the receiving end of poor service from property management companies in the past, we decided to learn from their mistakes and set up this business several years ago with a mission to transform and hugely improve the service provided to property owners and landlords who need block management: Paramount Estate Management was born.

So, what makes us different and better?

There is no one single reason why we are an outstanding provider in our field, but several. Here are some:

We are Proactive in our approach

We will set up regular site inspections of your development and audit it. The comprehensive report that is subsequently generated will alert you and us to any potential issues that may be occurring that will require nipping in the bud before it becomes expensive.

Outstanding Communication

This is so often the focal point of frustration with other block management companies; the unreturned phone calls, returned emails that don’t answer the question you have asked, and staff that almost permanently seem to be on holiday. Our staff will attend AGM’s if required and meet separately with residents. Our staff also work to strict timetables in relation to communicating property-specific information including financial updates and major works programmes.

We are ‘on it’

Whether it be responding to a maintenance issue, or a phone call or email, we ensure our response are quick. How do we know? We monitor it. We hold ourselves to consistently high standards in this area because we know how important it is for you.

Back office support that is second to none

It’s a complex business area that we exist in, with knowledge required of landlord and tenant law, building construction and maintenance, health and safety regulations, finance and more. Our knowledge and years of hands-on experience allow us to provide great advice to our property owners when needed.

Your money is safe in our hands

We treat your money as if it were ours: Carefully. So, we work with value-for-money contractors who do a good job at a good price. We work with qualified and experienced accountants who work closely with your estate manager to ensure finances are properly recorded, managed and reported.

Working with Paramount brings you the benefits of peace of mind and reassurance that you are working with a reliable and effective company who will save you time, money and hassle compared to others in the field.

We are a Chester based company, but we operate throughout Cheshire, North Wales, Shropshire and the Wirral.